[Beatles] Starr, Ringo. (b. 1940)

Original Ringo Photograph of McCartney and Lennon

Original photograph measuring 20” x 30”, published Genesis Publications. Signed and numbered by Ringo from the edition of 25 and sold together with the publisher's COA.  Unframed.

Throughout the Beatles years, Ringo Starr was often photographed toting a camera – but he thought the pictures he shot had been lost forever. "We finally found them in a basement in storage," he says. "I was shocked. We even found two books of negatives. Who thought I was that tidy?” In 2015, the images were collected and published as a book, Photograph (Genesis Publications) and a handful of them were issued in a very small edition of 25 signed examples. 
"Well, that is a great pose," Ringo says of this photo of Paul and John, taken sometime around 1964. "I mean, he is a poser, anyway. And, you know, he's doing his Mr. Rock & Roll pose there. I think he is sort of doing Elvis in his own way. You just have to entertain yourself on the road. John's just eating toast or something behind him. This is a great shot. I love this shot." (15949)

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