[My Fair Lady] [Various] Lerner, Alan Jay. (1918–1986) & Loewe, Frederick. (1901–1988) & Parsons, Louella. (1881–1872) & Borge, Victor. (1909–2000) & Vaughan, Sarah. (1924–1990) & Loy, Myrna. (1905–1993) & Capp, Al. (1909–1979) & Preminger, Otto. (1905–1986)

Autograph Album including signatures from "My Fair Lady" and Others

An interesting small autograph album containing signatures from actors, dancers, musicians and other celebrities of the 1950's–1960's. Highlights include actor Roddy MacDowell; several signatures from the cast and crew of My Fair Lady, including composer Frederick Loewe, actor Robert Coote, lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, and actress Julie Andrews;  jazz singer Sarah Vaughan;  directors Arthur Penn and Otto Preminger; playwright Tad Mosel;  choreographer and dancer Charles Weidman;  journalist and film critic Louella Parsons;  folk singer Richard Dyer-Bennet;  cartoonist Al Capp;  and actors Lenka Peterson, Victor Borge, Aline MacMahon, Myrna Loy, Bruce Yarnell, Arthur Hill, and Thomas Chalmers, among many others.  41 signatures in all, each signed on a separate page.  Some light toning, but overall in very fine condition.  6 x 5 inches (15.2 x 12.7 cm.).

From the collection of Paul McMahon, a critic, photographer and artist who worked for more than 13 years touring with Marlene Dietrich as the icon’s stage manager, announcer, dresser, secretary and escort, and later spent 25 years as an arts and entertainment reviewer and photographer with Gay Community News, Esplanade, Tommy’s Connection, The Mirror, Bay Windows and other publications.  (15812)