[Heifetz, Jascha. (1901–1987)] Wright Jr., Frank Lloyd. (1890–1978)

Original 1961 Architectural Plans for a House for the Heifetz Family

A home fit for...the king of violinists! Archive of original 1961 plans, specifications, working drawings, proposals and bid documents from the American architect Lloyd Wright, for the construction of a Malibu Beach House for Mr & Mrs Jascha Heifetz. The archive includes two large sheets of plans; 3 sets of detailed specifications and agreements, construction cost estimates, and a transmittal letter signed by Wright, all dated from 1960 and 1961. The house was never actually built, due to changing zoning requirements and the Heifetz' divorce; nevertheless, this is a remarkable and detailed archive showing the architect's work.

Frank Lloyd T. Wright, Jr. (1890-1978), the son of the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright Sr. and commonly known as Lloyd Wright, was an American landscape architect and architect, active primarily in Los Angeles and Southern California. 

Wright had previously designed an hexagonal redwood studio for Heifetz that was built at his Beverly Hills hilltop home in 1947. The studio served as a home office, practice venue, an archive for Heifetz' collections of music, recordings, coins and instruments, and housed two grand pianos and recording equipment as well as a small kitchen, a secretary's office and a bathroom. When the home was sold after Heifetz' death, the studio was dismantled and placed into storage. Several years later it was acquired by the Colburn School in Los Angeles who funded its' reconstruction across the street from Disney Hall, where today it serves as a teaching venue for the school's string instrument students.

The Lithuanian-born Russian violinist is widely considered to have been the greatest violinist of all time.  Heifetz loved the beach and being close to the water, and he had always enjoyed having a "country" house where he could be more casual. During the years of his second marriage and living in Los Angeles, Malibu Beach was his preferred destination and he turned to Lloyd Wright, the designer of the Studio, to design and create his beach getaway. The design evolved over about a year but was put on hold because of new zoning restrictions on new construction, and the project was finally shelved as the marriage between Frances and Jascha dissolved. (15101)

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