Bach, Johann Christian. (1735-1782)

Fuge für das Pianoforte oder die Orgel ... über die Buchstaben seines Namens BACH.

Leipzig: Peters. [not before 1814]. Oblong folio. Engraved. [PN] 793. 6 pp. Terry p. 348 (incorrectly identified as the first edition; in fact, it was first published by Kühnel in 1810). Reprinting from the original plates. A few light spots, spine reinforced with paper, outer edges somewhat nicked, else fine.

The B-A-C-H musical motive (B flat-A-C-B natural) was frequently used by J.S. Bach, most famously in the last Contrapunctus of The Art of Fugue. His son Johann Christian also used the theme, in hommage to his father, in this fugue in F minor. (14943)

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