[Contemporary Conductors] Nagano, Kent. (b. 1951) & Janowski, Marek. (b. 1939) & Barenboim, Daniel. (b. 1942) & Bychkov, Semyon. (b. 1942) & Thielemann, Christian. (b. 1959) & Chailly, Riccardo. (b. 1953) & Jansons, Mariss. (b. 1943)

Collection of Signed Photographs

Small collection of seven boldly signed glossy promotional photographs or photograph postcards of some of today's most influential conductors: Kent Nagano, Marek Janowski, Daniel Barenboim, Semyon Bychkov, Christian Thielemann, Riccardo Chailly, and Mariss Jansons. Ranging in size from 4 x 6 to 5 x 7 inches, all in very fine condition. (14430)

Signed Photograph
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