[Musical Iconography] [Traviès de Villers, Charles Joseph. (1804-1859)]

"The Parish Singer" - Lithograph Engraving

An amusing engraving depicting a beleaguered-looking parish church singer, or "chantre de paroisse," holding a sheet of music. Lithography by Bernard after a drawing by C. J. Traviès, published 2-7-1833 as "Types et Portraits de Fantaisie, no. 5" in a periodical.  9.25 x 12 inches (24 x 30.3 cm) and mounted within a black border to 11.25 x 15.5 inches (28.6 x 39 cm). A color fashion plate has been reused as the mount (and can be seen by lifting up an edge of the engraving.) (14420)

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