[Ellington, Duke. (1899-1974)]

Collection of Sheet Music Owned and Used by Duke Ellington

A small collection of Ellington's personal copies of some of his most celebrated hits, including "Take the A Train" and "Black Butterfly." Included are: "Take the 'A' Train," with lyrics by Billy Strayhorn and an attractive cover design of subway trains (copyright 1941 by Tempo Music Inc.); "Black Butterfly" (copyright 1937 by Exclusive Publications Inc.); "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me" (advance artist copy from the Robbins Music Corp., copyright 1943); "The Gal from Joe's," with a handwritten note on the first page indicating a transposition (copyright 1939 by Exclusive Publications Inc.); "It's Kind of Lonesome Tonight" (copyright 1947 by Jewel Music Publishing Co, and recorded by the King Cole Trio on Capitol Records); "All Too Soon" (copyright 1940 by Robbins Music Corp.); "Harmony in Harlem," a collaboration between Ellington and Johnny Hodges (copyright 1938 by Exclusive Publications Inc.); and the piano solo "Dooji Wooji," with an additional photocopy (copyright 1939 by Exclusive Publications Inc.)  "Take The 'A' Train" has some wear to the cover; some light water damage to "Black Butterfly" and one crease to "Harmony in Harlem"; otherwise the copies are very well-preserved and in fine condition. Provenance: Duke Ellington Estate. (14240)

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