[Poets] Bruckmann, Friedrich. (1814-1898)

12 Cabinet Card Portraits of Great Poets

A lovely set of 12 cabinet cards with portraits of great poets of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, issued ca. 1870's as part of "Bruckmann's Portrait-Collection" by the publishing house of Friedrich Bruckmann. The photographic reproductions of portraits depict Lord Byron, John Dryden, Robert Burns, Oliver Goldsmith, John Milton, Thomas Moore, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Walter Scott, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Joseph Addison, Alexander Pope, and William Wordsworth, each mounted on a red-bordered cabinet card with caption. The cards have been slightly trimmed at the lower edge, and the portraits of Shelley and Wordsworth have been trimmed further; otherwise the cards are in fine condition. Each 4.5 x 6.5 inches (11.3 x 16.3 cm). (13560)

Unsigned Photograph