Barber, Samuel. (1910-1981)

Large Original Photograph

Beautiful large original photograph of the important American composer ca. 1960's, shown looking downwards against a blank background. Some creases; overall in very good condition. The photographer is unidentified. 16.5 x 12 inches (42 x 30.3 cm).

From the collection of Manfred Ibel, "a young German art student and amateur flute player to whom Barber dedicated the piano concerto. Because from the early 1950s Menotti was drawn more and more into the public arena and the demands of his and Barber’s professional lives limited their time together, Barber welcomed having an available companion with whom he could travel and talk about music and literature. What seemed to draw him to the charismatic Ibel was their 'mutual affinity for the spirit of German Romanticism and culture.' During the summer of 1959 they shared a house on Martha’s Vineyard, and it was at this time Barber wrote the song for flute and piano, Elegy, that in 1962 he orchestrated for the second movement of his piano concerto." (Barbara Heyman, notes for the "Barber & Britten, Music + Festival" October, 2013, University of Arizona) (13195)

Unsigned Photograph
Classical Music