[Food & Drink] Cooper, Frederick G.

Collection of WWI Food & Drink Posters

An interesting collection of six posters related to the theme of food and conservation during WWI, including two by Frederick Cooper. As follows:  
Cooper, Fredrick G. Save a Loaf a Week Help Win the War. No. 3. W.F. Powers Co.: New York, 1917. Measures 23 x 29.5 in. 
Cooper, Fredrick G. Save and serve the cause of Freedom. No. 2. W.F. Powers Co.: New York, 1917. Measures 21 x 29 in. 

The illustrator Frederick Cooper popularized lower case lettering instead of the traditional all uppercase in his posters, and his clean style graced the cover of many Life magazines and produced iconic images that captured the spirit of his time. Like many illustrators at the time, he contributed his art to the war effort in his modern-style posters created for the U.S. Food administration.The second of his posters offered in the lot especially exemplifies his clean style and use of text.

Fight World Famine enroll in The Boys Working Reserve. Thomsen-Ellis Company: Baltimore, 1914-1918. Measures 19 x 28.9 in. 
A dramatically illustrated poster produced for the U.S. Department of labor that depicts a young man wielding a pitchfork and his fist in front of an illuminated hill of wheat, fighting against a hoard of angry vultures.  
Raleigh, Henry. Hunger /  For Three years America has fought starvation in Belgium. Will you Eat less-wheat meat- fats and sugar that we may still send food in ship loads? poster. Edwards & Deutsch Litho. Co.: Chicago, 1917. Measures 21 x 29 in. 
Put out Waste Bones- they make glue for Aircraft. J Weiner Ltd.: London, 1940s. Measures 10 x 15 in. 
Put out Waste Paper- it is used for Ammunition and other vital needs. J. Weiner Ltd.: London, 1940s. Measures 10 x 15 in. 

Condition:  Save a Loaf a Week: Very good 
Fight World Famine: the top left corner is missing and there is a tear on the center bottom. 
Save and serve the cause of freedom: brittle edge on the left bottom side. 
Put out Waste Paper and Bones: linen backed in very good condition.  (13017)