[Beatles] Starr, Ringo. (b. 1940) [Edelman, Heinz. (1934 - 2009)]

Original Portrait of Ringo

Enormous original ink and watercolor portrait of Ringo by Heinz Edelmann, 31 x 47 inches, showing him in a Yellow Submarine-esque striped suit jacket against a psychedelic background. Framed and in very good condition, with scattered staining and soiling. Edelmann, a German illustrator and designer, is best known for his art direction and character designs for the Beatles' 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine. This work is unsigned and was presumably intended for some sort of display, possibly a performance set or event promotion. It may have been a preliminary draft for one of those things  - we have puzzled over the name spelling and frankly don't know what to make it of it. We acquired this from a French collector, who likewise didn't know what to make of that feature. But the piece is certainly contemporary to the period and based on the confidence and style of the line and overall impression, we feel confident in ascribing this to Edelman himself. However, as the work is unsigned, we must allow for the possibility it may have been executed by another hand, possibly an assistant or imitator. In any event, impressive in size and style, this is an extraordinary Beatles piece.  (12681)