[Civil War]

Ca. 1861 Skull and Crossbones "Confederated 'DEAD HEAD'" Envelope Cover

New York: D. Murphy’s Son . Graphically striking ca.1861 Anti-Confederate States Civil War illustrated patriotic envelope/cover with a fantastic, skull and crossbones cache. Measuring 5 1/2" x 3 1/8" and  titled “A Confederate ‘DEAD HEAD’”, it features a human skull above crossed bones, the skull wearing the hat of a court jester and donkey ears, text on the crossed bones reading “20 Dollars a Head” and “Dead or Alive” and featuring a bullet hole in the forehead of the skull and the initials “JD” (for Jefferson Davis) on the donkey ears. The full envelope, including both front and back panels and the original flap closure, in very fine condition. (12032)

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