[Beethoven, Ludwig van. (1770–1827)] Joachim, Joseph. (1831–1907)

Autograph Letter including a Musical Quotation, to the daughter of George Clinton

An interesting autograph letter written in the third person, from the great Hungarian violinist, dedicatee of the Brahms Concerto and many other works. 1 page, in English, undated. Addressed to Miss Clinton, evidently the daughter of the George A. Clinton (1850 - 1913), eminent British clarinet virtuoso, member of Queen Victoria's private ensemble, and the principal clarinettist for the Philharmonic Society and Crystal Palace. In full: "Mr. Joachim presents his compliments to Miss Clinton and begs to say that it is a great pleasure for him to be of any use to the daughter of the accomplished musician the case...Mr. Clinton. The Sonata he proposed is the one in D: ded: to Salieri / [AMQS of the opening three measures of the Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano Op. 12, No. 1] / 33 Lemster Square / Bayswater." Mounting remnants to verso of attached blank second page, otherwise in fine condition. (11834)

Autograph Letter
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