[New York Public Library Music Division] [Miller, Philip Lieson. (1906-1996)] Weill, Kurt. (1900-1950) & Copland, Aaron. (1900-1990) & Burroughs, John. (1837-1921) & Grainger, Percy. (1882-1961) & Moore, Marianne. (1887-1972) & Cowell, Sidney Robinson. (1903-1995) & Leinsdorf, Erich. (1912-1993)

Scrapbook of Autograph Letters and Library Request Slips from the Collection of the Former NYPL Music Librarian Philip Lieson Miller

A fascinating and important scrapbook of autograph material compiled by Philip Lieson Miller (1906-1996), the renowned New York Library Chief of the Music Division in the 1960's and a vocalist, commentator, concert arranger, author, and important presence on the New York cultural scene for many years. His personal scrapbook contains autograph material from musicians, composers, conductors, opera singers, and others active in the music world, as well as earlier material from acquaintances related to his father’s Roxbury Hotel in the Catskills. The over 400 signed items, some mounted and some loosely laid in, include postcards, autograph and typed letters, cards, programs, clipped signatures and canceled checks. Of particular interest are the many library request slips signed by famous visitors to the library, showing which scores and books they requested from the stacks. A remarkable assemblage of signed items illustrating the literary world and the music world, and the life of a notable librarian and musician.

Highlights include: signatures from composer Charles Wakefield Cadman, soprano Amelita Galli-Curci, soprano Maria Jeritza, conductor and teacher Frank Damrosch, soprano Lucrezia Bori, tenor and Met manager Edward Johnson, Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin (1927), Caruso aide and New York Philharmonic director Bruno Zirato, conductor and composer Walter Damrosch (inscribed "to an old friend, Xmas 1916."), pianist Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler, baritone David Bispham (5 clipped signatures), soprano Maggie Teyte (on a MacDowell Club Guest Card), and tenor Roland Hayes (on a printed card thanking friends for birthday wishes, June 6, 1967); signed programs from soprano Helen Jepson (undated) and soprano Fritzi Jokl (copy of a 1932 concert program inscribed to Philip Miller and dated March 1962); a signed photograph from journalist and writer Isaac Goldberg (June 2, 1928); autograph envelopes from composer Alberto Ginastera (postmarked November 13, 1953) and folklorist and ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax; letters from pianist and composer Moritz Moszkowski (ALS, 1 p., with envelope postmarked February 9, 1905), journalist and author Poultney Bigelow (8 autograph postcards and 1 ALS, 1919-1929, with a short story titled "Rip, Robert and Hendrick and 1909," inscribed and signed by Bigelow), playwright Channing Pollock (December 2, 1920. TLS, 1 p.), poet Richard Le Gallienne (ALS, 3 pp.), conductor Erich Leinsdorf (January 29 1964, TLS, 1 p.), naturalist John Burroughs, (April 11, 1919, ALS, 1 p.), violinist Efrem Zimbalist (February 7, ALS, 2 pp.), composer and pianist Edward MacDowell (ALS, 1 p.), journalist Franklin Pierce Adams (one-line note signed "F.P.A."), soprano Maggie Teyte (August 3, 1965. ALS, 2 pp.), mezzo-soprano Éva Gauthier. (3 short autograph notes and 1 TLS with autograph annotations), soprano Lucrezia Bori (2 TLS regarding fundraising for the Metropolitan Opera, March 10, 1933 and October 31, 1934), playwright George S. Kaufman (January 16, 1933. TLS, 1 p. ("Regretfully, I just can't.")), poet Marianne Moore (June 27, 1960. ALS on a postcard.), composer Ernst Bacon (ALS, 1 p.), mezzo-soprano Janet Baker (February 2, 1967. ALS, 2 pp.), pianist Harold Bauer (July 27, 1949. ALS, 1 p.), soprano Helen Boatwright (ALS, 2 pp.), composer Rebecca Clarke (3 ALS, 1940's), ethnographer and wife of Henry Cowell Sidney Cowell (2 typed circular letters signed, 4 TLS and 3 ALS, 1966-1983; and a copy of a letter sent to Sidney Cowell regarding donating Henry Cowell's papers to the NYPL), musicologist Alfred Einstein (April 19, 1944. TLS, 1 p.), baritone, conductor and pianist George Henschel (2 TLS, February 14 and March 25. Together with 1 ALS from his wife and 1 ALS from his daughter), pianist Myra Hess (November 19, 1963. ALS, 2 pp.), tenor and Met manager Edward Johnson (January 8, 1948. ALS on a card, 2 pp.), soprano Maria Kurenko (7 ALS, including a postcard and a Christmas card, 1955-1967), baritone Charles Panzéra (7 TLS and 1 ALS on a postcard, 1957-1969), musicologist Curt Sachs (3 short autograph notes and 1 TLS on an index card), librarian Oscar Sonneck (November 6, 1916. TLS, 1 p.), pianist Mieczysław Horszowski (1951. Short ALS on a postcard from the Alps), musicologist Otto Kinkeldey (postcard postmarked June 25, 1929; signature on his letterhead dated October 28 1942; and two autograph notes signed "OK"), organist R. Huntington Woodman (May 9, 1926, June 1, 1926, December 7, 1926, April 24, 1927 and March 14, 1935. 5 ALS, and a further postcard initialed), tenor Alfred Y. Cornell (5 ALS, one on a prospectus for singing lessons, 2 TLS, and signed Christmas card, dated 1927-1930), mezzo-soprano Betty Allen (5 TLS regarding Harlem School of the Arts, 1980-1989), alto Radiana Pazmor (postcard, August 23, 1935 and 2 ALS, January 24, 1964 and March 7), Danish tenor Aksel Schiøtz (7 ALS, one with enclosed newspaper clippings, and 4 autograph Christmas or New Year's cards, 1953-1966), journalist Dorothy Dunbar [Bromley] Walker (5 TLS to Philip Miller, 1970-1980, and 2 photocopied letters), pianist and composer Celius Dougherty (19 ALS, ca. 1980's.), and singer Ernst Wolff (7 ALS, 4 on postcards, 1937-1953); a visiting card from harpist and composer Marcel Grandjany; and autograph library call slips from Swiss violinist Alfred Pochon (2), Aaron Copland, mezzo-soprano Sara Cahier, composer Percy Grainger, journalist Franklin Pierce Adams, music critic Olin Downes (2), poet James Weldon Johnson, composer Werner Josten (calling Monteverdi's Orfeo, which he was the first to direct in the US), mezzo-soprano Éva Gauthier, novelist John Dos Passos, composer Marc Blitzstein (4), composer Roy Harris (2), scholar and pianist John Kirkpatrick (2), composer Carl Ruggles, and composer Kurt Weill. Further items are listed below.

The scrapbook is in very good condition despite being rather over-stuffed, with some light handling soil to the boards, and contains over 60 9 x 12 inch leaves with mounting corners displaying items, with further items laid in between the pages. Contents range in quality from good to fine condition. Total size approx. 9.5 x 12.5 x 4 inches (23.5 x 32 x 10 cm).

Miller's accomplishments at the New York Public Library include building the library’s repository of recordings into the second largest in the world behind only that of The Library of Congress; supervising the enormous move of collections from Fifth Avenue to Lincoln Center; and contributing to the development of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives and Toscanini Memorial Archives. The New York Times noted in his obituary that “he was nearly as much of an institution as the library itself”. 

Further items as follows: signatures from U.S. Secretary of War Newton D. Baker, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Seymour Parker Gilbert, Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby, Speaker of the House Frederick H. Gillett, organist Frederick Schlieder (on a check dated July 16, 1923), author and clergyman Henry van Dyke (on a check dated December 25, 1903), clergyman and author of hymns John Sebastian Bach Hodges, presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Daniel S. Tuttle, Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning, actor Walter Hampden, actors Fannie M. McDowell and E. [Eugene] A. McDowell (1876), illustrator Dugald Stewart Walker, author and reformer Dorothy Canfield Fisher, children's author Mary Mapes Dodge, author John Kendrick Bangs, Methodist bishop William Fraser McDowell [?], organist Frederick Schlieder (on a Christmas card), bass Edmund A. Jahn, writer Charles Henry Webb (on 2 canceled checks, February 25, 1898 and December 25, 1903), pianist Arousiag Costikyan (on a canceled check, November 24, 1923), bibliographer Wilberforce Eames (on a card of the New York Historical Society), priest Donald B. Aldrich, composer Charles Haubiel (clipped title from his symphonic poem "Dawn Mists" and signature mounted on a small card), musicologist Hans Hickmann (name and address clipped from an envelope with autograph notes), pianist Hans Schimmerling (clipped signature and address), and 3 other signatures; signed items from Rossel Hope Robbins (monograph on "New York Folklore"), Harold C. Whitford (monograph "Expos'd to Sale," initialed with his compliments), Bishop Ernest M. Stires, judge Stephen Callaghan, George Albert Wingate, and William M. Grave (printed campaign appeal for the St. John's Hospital, dated October 22, 1927), bass Bruce Abel (signed 1965 Wigmore Hall concert program), composer and violinist Cecil Burleigh (hand-addressed envelope), Portuguese composer Ruy Coelho (hand-addressed envelope postmarked April 24, 1934), Margaret Dodd (envelope postmarked November 30, 1954), composer Norman Dello Joio (envelope postmarked June 30, 1955), music critic Lawrence Gilman (envelope postmarked November 7, 1953), first NYPL music librarian Dorothy Lawton (envelope postmarked November 22, 1954), [?] Nowotny (Austrian envelope postmarked June 30, 1952), Croatian Jewish composer Dragan Plamenac (signed Christmas card), composer Winnter Watts (3 signed Christmas cards, one with an original photograph. 1954-1957), musicologist Rudolph Reti (2 signed Christmas cards), [Els & Lea?] Schade (signed Christmas card, 1954), pianist James Friskin (signed Christmas card), musicologist Charles Cudworth (signed Christmas card), music educator Karl Gehrkens (2 signed Christmas cards, one postmarked 1947), pianist George Reeves (signed Christmas card), musicologist Barry Brook and editor Claire Brook (signed Christmas card), and priest Donald B. Aldrich (signed Christmas card); letters from U.S. Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes (August 15, 1921. TLS, 1 p.), U.S. Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane (April 26, 1919. TLS, 1 p.), NY Representative Walter M. Chandler (April 14, 1922. TLS, 1 p.), NY State Senator Frederick M. Davenport (January 31, 1921. TLS, 1 p.), NY Senator James W. Wadsworth (September 30, 1921. TLS, 1 p.), Organist Miles Farrow (September 6, 1918. 1 p. ALS, addressed to Mrs. E. B. Miller, arranging for the young Philip Miller to audition for the choir school), New York Evening Journal editor Arthur Brisbane (June 20, 1921. TLS, 1 p.), Angelica Schuyler Church (apparently a descendant of Alexander Hamilton's sister-in-law; August 19, 1915. ALS, 2 pp.), George M. Martin[?], Cornell University president Livingston Farrand (November 30, 1921. TLS, 1 p., with a further clipped signature), Canadian poet Charles G. D. Roberts (May 4, 1919. ALS, 3 pp.), writer and educator Brander Matthews (April 23, 1919. ALS, 3 pp.), poet Frank Dempster Sherman. (October 12, 1893. ALS with poem, 1 p; and 2 further poems, an autograph signature and a bookplate), Juliet D. Sherman (Frank Dempster Sherman's wife. July 18, 1921. ALS, 3 pp.), Clara Barrus (doctor and biographer of John Burroughs. 2 postcards, November 7, 1919 and August 9, 1924.), wildlife artist and Boy Scout pioneer Ernest Thompson Seton (November 15, 1921. TLS, 1 p.), curator George Clyde Fisher (July 26, 1918. TLS, 1 p.), composer T. Tertius Noble. (ALS, 2 pp. and ALS June 24, 4 pp.), sportswriter Grantland Rice (October 18, 1924. TLS, 1 p.), priest William Guthrie. (ALS, 1 p.), Dean of Juilliard, Ernest Hutcheson (letter with printed signature confirming the continuation of Philip Miller's scholarship. May 28, 1928. TLS, 1 p.), pianist and composer Rudolph Gruen (December 28, 1929. ALS, 1 p.), pedagogue Estelle Platt (May 12, 1925. ALS, 1 p.), Caruso biographer and "Musical Digest" editor Pierre V. R. Key (August 29, 1925. TLS, 1 p.), Dean of Juilliard, Frank Damrosch (letter with printed signature, June 26, 1929. TLS, 1 p.), music teacher and founder of the Manhattan School of Music Janet Daniel Schenck (2 postcards, dated 1920's), poet Henry White (August 7. ALS, 1 p.), pianist Olga Samaroff (March 21, 1931. TLS on letterhead of the Schubert Memorial, 1 p.), choral director and collector Arthur Billings Hunt (ALS, 2 pp., to Mrs. Miller, ca. 1920's, and TLS to Philip Miller, 1 p., May 23, 1966.), playwright Samuel Merwin (November 7, 1921. ALS, 1 p.), composer William Mason (February 9, 1905. ALS, 1 p.), F. E. Clapp[?] (autograph note "OK - final examination"), singing teacher George Hotchkiss Street (2 ALS, April 30, 1931 and May 17), Paul [Rumpeld?] (ALS, 1 p. March 12, 1937.), WWII Director of War Information Elmer Davis (June 22, 1942. TLS, 1 p.), philologist James Taft Hatfield (1 TLS and 3 ALS, 1938-1941), anarchist thinker John Henry Mackay (September 17, 1893. ALS, 1 p.), soprano Yvonne de Tréville (March 13, 1937. ALS, 1 p.), priest Donald B. Aldrich (May 19, 1937. TLS, 1 p.), critic and playwright Eric Bentley (April 3, 1983. TLS, 1 p.), NYPL director Harry M. Lydenberg (November 7, 1940. TLS, 1 p.), librarian Keyes Metcalf (February 16, 1981 and January 12, 1982. 2 TLS, each 1 p.), Bugs Meredith (TLS, 1 p.), psychiatrist and poet Merrill Moore (short ALS on the verso of a printed poem), journalist George Seldes (June 11, 1940. TLS on postcard.), Grace D. Vanamee (September 16, 1919. TLS from the Italian War Relief Fund of America, together with an inscribed postcard), [Stan?] (January 28, 1948. ALS with transit ticket), organist Jessie Craig Adam (ALS, 1 p. and an autograph Christmas card), music critic Richard Aldrich (March 22, 1932. TLS, 1 p), Blanche [Oswald Sheeler?] (July 22, 1933. ALS, 2 pp.), flautist Frances Blaisdell (ALS on a small card), Lilian Carpenter (May 16, 1927. ALS, 2 pp.), Metropolitan Opera manager Schuyler Chapin (August 1, 1972. TLS, 1 p.), composer Henry Leland Clarke (February 28, 1975. TLS, 1 p.), pianist Harry Cumpson (2 ALS, March 7 and March 12, 1937.), Ham T. David (April 1, 1944. ALS, 1 p.), contralto Astra Desmond (November 30, 1963. ALS, 3 pp.), organist M. P. Cushing (ALS, 3 pp.), A.. J. Davison[?] (ALS, 1 p.), composer Edwin Gerschefski (2 ALS, December 15, 1972 and February 8, 1977.), Joseph Sperling (March 28, 1979. TLS, 1 p.), composer Peggy Glanville-Hicks (January 30, 1950. ALS, 1 p.), cultural critic John Gruen (May 20, 1955. ALS, 1 p.), book dealer Otto Haas (2 TLS, December 15, 1947 and January 27, 1948.), Mrs. Edward V. Saher (February 12, 1962. ALS, 2 pp.), Maria Smith (March 9, 1949. ALS, 2 pp., asking Miller to send a food package to Hanna [?] in Germany), musical scholar Edmund Fellowes  (September 6, 1929. ALS, 1 p.), harpsichordist Eta Harich-Schneider (June 17 and October 12, 1952. 2 ALS and a further autograph signature.), soprano Heather Harper (October 6, 1964. ALS, 2 pp.), music critic William James Henderson (December 16, 1928. ALS, 1 p.), musicologist Anthony van Hoboken (July 7, 1949. TLS, 1 p.), ethnomusicologist Erich von Hornbostel. (ALS, 1 p.), bass-baritone Julius Huehn (February 1, 1964. TLS, 2 pp.), composer Philip James (June 10, 1938. TLS, 1 p.), singer Maxim Karolik (July 6, 1959. ALS, 1 p., enclosing a typed and signed "Comment" on singing. Together with a letter from the New York Times declining to print the text), collector Bella Clara Landauer (ALS, 1 p.), composer and musicologist Christa Landon (March 9, 1964. ALS, 2 pp.), musicologist Sigmund Levarie (2 TLS and 1 ALS, 1984-1989, with a copy of another TLS, April 26, 1977), poet Lilian Moore (TLS and autograph envelope), Cuban-Spanish composer Joaquin Nin-Culmell (January 21, 1982. TLS, 1 p.), voice teacher Florence Norberg (April 28, 1964. TLS, 1 p.), composer and guitarist Julio Martinez Oyanguren (October 11, 1937. TLS, 1 p.), actor Nigel Playfair (June 27, 1927. TLS, 1 p.), organist Frederick Schlieder (August 30, 1925. Autograph postcard), harpsichordist Yella Pessl (January 11, 1940. ALS, 1 p.), Desmond [?] (June 21, 1983. TLS, 1 p.), soprano Margaret Speaks (December 30 [1949]. TLS, 1 p., enclosing a program), stage designed Lee Simonson (ALS, 1 p.), Liszt scholar Alan Walker (July 13, 1970. TLS, unsigned, 1 p.), organist Charles Dodsley Walker (January 6, 1969. TLS, 1 p.), alto Helen Watts (November 24, 1965 and February 9, 1966. 2 ALS.), musicologist Herbert Weinstock (ALS, 1 p.), harpsichordist Edith Weiss-Mann (2 ALS), tenor Robert White (April 2, 1988. ALS, 2 pp., together with a signed concert poster), organist David McKinley Williams (ALS, 2 pp.), Elisabeth [--] (July 31, 1937 and September 16, 1939. 2 ALS), and 2 other correspondents; and library call slips from Spanish pianist Alberto Jonás (3), organist Carl Weinrich, violinist Andre Polak, J. B. Galloway (2), Joseph Helicon, H. D. [McLang?] (3), musicologist John Tasker Howard, choral conductor Hugh Ross (2), Folk song research Florence Hudson Botsford (calling up her own book!), Louis Greenberg, R. Bonelli, author and music critic Lawrence Gilman, musicologist Léon Vallas, P. [Rumfeld?] (2), dancer and tai chi pioneer Sophia Delza, musicologist Sigmund Spaeth, playwright Paul Green, actor Osgood Perkins, Joseph Dobron, music critic Paul Bekker (2), violinist Adolfo Betti, Dutch pianist Coenraad V. Bos, conductor Werner Janssen (together with a further signature torn from the foot of a library request form), composer and conductor Edgar Stillman Kelley, composer Lazare Saminsky (2), musicologist Gustave Reese, and 14 other unidentified library patrons. (11742)

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