[Bal des 4'Z'Arts] Rapin, Henri. (1873 - 1939)

1911 Bal des Quat'z'Arts Ticket

Paris: Imprimerie Modern Style. P. Marmy. Oversize elaborate printed invitation to the 1911 Bal des Quat'z'Arts. The design by the French painter, illustrator and decorator H. Rapin, featuring a highly stylized illustration on Babylonian themes. 19 x 33 cm. Dampstained along the lower edge, left edge and upper margin chipped with a few small losses, else fine.

The annual Parisian "Four Arts Ball" was first held in 1892 in Montmartre and continued through 1966. Originally organised by Henri Guillaume, the "riotous Saturnalia" was held particularly for the students of the four branches of architecture, painting, sculpture, and engraving of the École des Beaux-Arts. The present ticket invites you "By order of the all-powerful Kats-Sar: King of Kings...to pass the night in Babylon...in the latest Assyrian style (690 BC)." Beginning at 10 at the Palais, Temples with "suspended gardens open for the use of the 2 sexes" moving in procession at 12:30 to a feast and "distribution of champagne to the destitute," then at at 3:14 (!) to an "unexpected attack on the city: Massacre, horrors...etc...ballet" and finally at 7 "for those who can, one is requested not to abandon the drunkards." (11392)