Bazzini, Antonio. (1818–1897)

Important Autograph Letter

Autograph letter signed ‘A. Bazzini.’ 4 pp. Paris 5 May, 1862. Addressed "Cher Monsieur," probably to Stephen de la Madeleine, editor of L'univers musical until 1863. A very important letter, rich with biographical information about the influential Italian violinist and composer. Translated in full: "Here it's been already a year that I've promised to come spend an evening with you, but my absence from Paris, intended to be only for 2 weeks, has been prolonged until today, and may even last until next winter! Another example of the proverbial "1 man proposes..." etc. // As I have not forgotten the kind invitation that you made to me, Sir, and because I would like to be able to keep the promise as much as possible...I won't hesitate to send you this letter to recall your friendly memory, and to tell you in a few words what I've been up to since the month of April, 1861. // I was called to Angers and Nantes, where I gave many concerts with success; right away I began a summer tour with Madame Sanchioli [Giulia Sanchioli, b. 1819], celebrated Italian singer; passing through Poitiers, Neort, la Rochelle, then right away the Pyrenées...and giving never fewer than two concerts in each location, frequently three - Success had by all accounts very satisfying; and my association with Mad. Sanchioli ended in October in Bordeaux where she gave many performances at the Theatre and where we were honored at the Soirée of the Grand Festival of St. Cecilia - Mad. Sanchioli left for Nice called to a brilliant engagement, and I was called for numbers of concerts by the directors of the Theatres of Périgueux, Limoges, Angouleme etc.. Then I gave three concerts in Toulouse, a dozen in the towns around there. Then right away I went to Paris where my success was exceptional not only in the different public concerts, but in a bunch of soirées, which were had in the salons of the cosmopolitan aristocracy who spend the winter in the city of Henry IV. In one great house they wanted to hear me three times. My new compositions had a great success during this long peregrination, and amateurs and artists alike wanted to procure them immediately. // I am soon to return to Italy to visit my mother, and I'm planning on being back in Paris in the next winter, where I will be honored to come see you after my arrival. // Please will you have the kindness, dear Sir, having read this long scrawl, to send me a few lines, as you know how to write, to the many readers of the Univers Musical? // I could not be more grateful to you and I am no less aware of your benevolence well known by all artists. // Please accept, dear Sir, the expression of my most distinguished sentiments and believe me your very devoted and obedient servant." (10506)

Autograph Letter
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